About the Clinic?

i99 Fit will be conducting gymnastics and movement efficiency seminars at KJ CrossFit in Longmont, Colorado.   Our goal and purpose are to prepare athletes to move more confidently before the 2019 Open.  


If you are serious about your gymnastics, sign up for both levels.  There will be some overlap in the mobility portions, but who doesn’t need more mobility?  Historically, athletes that attend the Level 1 first have much more success in our Level 2 clinics.  The repetition will ensure that you retain the most important drills and skills.   If you can only attend one clinic then we suggest you ask yourself this question to determine the right clinic to attend:


Can you do 5 strict pull-ups, 5 strict dips, and have been attempting ring muscle-ups in the open?  If so, you can start with Level 2!


We kick-off the clinic spending about 45 minutes establishing a strong gymnastics foundation and common language by introducing i99 Fit Core Mobility and Wall Mobility. Next, our instructors will help athletes make the vital connection between mobility and handstand balance. Athletes will learn how to roll safely and maintain a hollow body in handstands and tripod positions using the wall for support and confidence. Next, flip right side up and move to bars and rings where we apply our newly acquired hollow positions to skills like toes-to-bar, kipping pull-ups, ring support and swing progressions for the i99 Muscle-up technique.