About the Event

Gorillaz Fitness is bringing David Bradley, Founder of i99 Fit in for a two-day gymnastics coach cert that will change the way you think about gymnastics and overall movement efficiency.  The course provides 10 hours of instruction, video analysis and spotting education along with 6 hours of practical experience coaching athletes at our Level 1 and Level 2 clinics.  The Level 1 Coach Cert will cover how to instruct athletes through the i99 Fit Level 1 Progressions and how to perform the i99 Fit Level 2 Skills including the Handstand Pushup, Bar Muscle-up, Ring Muscle-up with a whiteboard session for the Butterfly pull-up.  All coaches are encouraged to observe and assist in the athlete Level 1 clinic happening after the cert.  The Level 2 Cert will be highly focused on learning to spot gymnastics movements and to diagnose and prescribe i99 Fit drills to help your athletes get faster results.  Coaches are again encouraged to observe and assist during the Level 2 Athlete clinic hosted after the Cert.  This approach allows coaches to gain knowledge and get plenty of hands-on practical experience.  Please complete the form below.