About the Clinic?

Lins FITT is hosting i99 Fit KIDS!  All the way up to Craig, Colorado for an action-packed weekend of Gymnastics.  This Foundations Seminar is for kids from 11 to 15 years old who need a stable gymnastics foundation for functional fitness.   David Bradley has over 25 years of experience coaching junior elite gymnasts and will make sure your kids learn techniques that will build athleticism and confidence.  We will cover:

  • General Dynamic Mobility
  • Shoulder Specific Mobility
  • Headstand from Tripod base position balance
  • Safely rolling
  • Kicking to a handstand safely
  • Basic kip swings on bars
  • Baby kipping pull-ups
  • Ring support ladder
  • Ring swings with pressure

Whether your kiddos have been in gymnastics or not, bring them out to experience this cost-effective seminar designed to prepare kids for overall efficiency, safety, and athletic success!

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