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i99 Fit stands for 99% Independence. Our objective is to provide fitness facilities across the country with a proven program to achieve 99% independence when implementing a practical and achievable gymnastics program. Athletes need to be efficient in every movement, especially gymnastics movements and coaches need to understand how to properly assist and cue athletes.  Our curriculum is designed to translate beyond gymnastics into all human movement including olympic lifting and functional fitness.  Becoming an i99 Fit Gym starts with hosting us for a weekend of i99 Fit events including Athlete clinics and Coaches certifications.  Over a weekend we will transform your gym by injecting i99 Fit methodology and remain connected to your community as an indefinite resource, providing the final 1%.

Coaching Certifications

We offer two levels of coaching certification which teach coaches how to effectively deliver the i99 Gymnastics curriculum covered in our Athlete Clinics. Our Level 1 Coaches Certification covers mobility movements, handstand balancing, basic kipping on bars and rings. During this certification we provide coaches with a foundation for timely auditory cues combined with practical kinesthetic position shaping (spotting) techniques that get rapid results with their athletes.

Coaches who complete the Level 1 course are expected to observe and assist their athletes in one or more athlete clinics to complete certification. Upon completion of Level 1 Certification, the Coach will receive an Coaching Certificate, Curriculum Playbook, and online Coaching Resources.

Our Level 2 Certification provides comprehensive instruction of more advanced movements like handstand push-ups, bar muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups, and the dynamic ring muscle-up.  Our Master Instructors use slow motion video analysis and white board sessions to compare multiple techniques for each of these skills as performed by top competitors and i99 athletes.  Athletes advance in skill development much faster when coaches use a combination of video analysis and assistive spotting techniques.  The focus of the Level 2 Certification is on spotting and assisting athletes through these movements safely while shaping the ideal movement pattern.  Coaches who complete the Level 2 Certification may apply for the i99 Fit Instructor Program.

Athlete Clinics

 We offer two levels of Athlete clinics conducted at your facility.  Each clinic will start with a warm-up of dynamic mobility movements that provide a common language and foundation for the drills and skills covered throughout the clinic.  Our objective is to provide Level 1 clinics for beginning athletes who need to a firm understanding of basic gymnastics concepts while also offering a more advanced Level 2 clinic for athletes who are interested in improving their overall movement efficiency and shorten their rep cycles.  

***While not mandatory, it is ideal for Athletes to attend the Level 1 Clinic prior to the Level 2 Clinic.  Our focus in the Level 1 Clinic is to create a strong base for development and success in the Level 2 Clinic.

Transform Your Gym – Host i99


  • 8am – 1pm Level 1 Coaches Certification – $280 per Coach
  • 1:30pm – 4:30pm Level 1 Athlete Clinic – $140 per Athlete


  • 9am – 12pm Level 2 Athlete Clinic – $150/Athlete
  • 12:30 – 3:30 Additional Clinic or Private Lessons

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