Nutrition for maximum performance isn’t just about gaining or losing weight, it’s about implementing practical strategies and habits for fueling your body to reach your personal fitness goals. Nutrition like gymnastics is the foundation of fitness and all about the repetition of good habits/techniques. Whether you are a beginner, competitors, and elite athlete we will help you become 99% independent when it comes to fueling your performance!


Get started today! Try our 2-week Nutrition Training Onramp

  • 15-minute introductory call to discuss current nutrition habits
  • Introduction to technology for tracking intake
  • Analysis + 2 habit identification
  • 15-minute review call to discuss next steps with or without i99.

Nutrition Training – $190-$210/mo

After your onramp, we will dig even deeper into the data in our first month working together. We will design a progressive plan mapping your path from where you are to where you want to be.  We consider all factors affecting your performance including nutritional deficiencies, supplements vs. real food, sleep, and stress management.

Using TrueCoach we will stay in touch throughout each week so we can keep track of progress towards your new habits and schedule light Mobility exercises to help ritualize your habits and reduce stress.  A couple of times a month we will check-in over video conference to discuss progress and make adjustments.

With accountability to the plan, accessibility to professional guidance we will crush your goals and constantly evolve until you are 99% independent when it comes to your nutrition for performance.

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