Functional fitness is focused on constantly varied, functional movements performed at relative high intensity. Safety, efficacy and efficiency are core tenants of this sport and fitness program. While specializing is not the goal, the sport is designed around 3 specialized sports – Gymnastic, Olympic Lifting and Metabolic Conditioning. i99 Fit was founded to provide beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes with a program that will provide sound coaching & training for Gymnastics. Our program was built around traditional gymnastic training, but tailored to the movements required in this sport. As the gymnastic standards and expectations rise, we will be here to provide all of the coaching & tools needed to rise with the sport.

We have 4 primary Goals:

  1. Provide Coaches with the education, tools & training required to advance their athletes’ gymnastic movement in a safe & effective manner.
  2. Provide Athletes with the support & knowledge required to train safely & develop efficiency in all gymnastic style movements.
  3. Provide Gym Owners with a proven gymnastic program (coaching, programming, specialized services) that will enable them to elevate their community and ensure greater confidence in their Athletes & Coaches relative to gymnastic movement.
  4. Utlize technology to eliminate the barrier of distance and provide remote programming and high touch coaching using TrueCoach software and video conferencing.

Wether you are an Athlete, Coach, Gym Onwer we have a variety of programs that will allow you to choose a path that is right for you and/or your community.