We are a team of expert instructors who provide gymnastics and elite movement efficiency instruction to fitness enthusiasts, competitors, and coaches. By leveraging cutting edge technology, we eliminate the barrier of distance and support our athletes, coaches, and gym owners indefinitely.


Are backed by a comprehensive and proven curriculum of drills that allow athletes to master the individual segments of skills and ultimately evolve their movement patterns.


Is to build and support a global community of athletes, coaches, and gym owners who reach 99% independence when it comes to evaluating, diagnosing, and correcting movement inefficiencies so they can achieve elite performance. We indefinitely provide that extra 1%!


We invite you to browse our site and see our Athletes in action at actual events and remote training. At i99 Fit, we care about transforming you! You won’t find a ton of photos and video of elite gymnasts who have spent their entire lives training gymnastics–you will see others like you who move beautifully after being exposed to our curriculum and philosophy by our Instructors and Certified Coaches!

Group Training for Competitors

Got Muscleups? How about efficient Pullups? Handstand Pushups? Learn elite techniques for mastering complex gymnastics movements found in fitness competitions. Experience a safer, more progressive approach to overall movement efficiency.

Gymnastics Education for Coaches

Get certified to teach gymnastics to your athletes with proven techniques that instill confidence from day one. Get rapid results through physically shaping your athletes’ positions while giving timely verbal cues with i99 enthusiasm!

Personal Training & Programming

If you need help with one movement, we offer video skill analysis and private lessons. If you are serious about mastering elite efficiency, then consider joining Team i99 and receive weekly custom gymnastics programming and regular in-person or remote lessons.

Why we are different

We come to your location over a long weekend and inject our curriculum into your entire community through fully integrated Coaching Certifications and Athlete Seminars. That’s right–in addition to 10 hours of curriculum instruction, our certified coaches are required to apply their new knowledge during Athlete Seminars. When we leave, your entire community sees the investment and is excited to implement our system into its regular programming.

But it doesn’t stop there

We remain connected and provide ongoing guidance and support to local and remote athletes through personal training, video analysis, and Team i99 Programming. Whether you start by attending one of our events, or you just need programming and remote coaching to convert your gymnastics weakness to a strength, we maximize the use of technology you already have to literally be in your ear and coach you no matter where you are located!


  • Handstand walking cues that have really helped me: 1. tuck your chin, and look at the floor with the top of your eyes 2. Pretend there are tooth picks taped to the back of the legs so that they straighten. 3. Heels together, it helps tighten the posterior chain. Thank you @i99fit & @vanvleetd for all your time coaching us @prburke! TAG your friends that need some TIPS for walking on their hands!

    Andrea Ager
    Andrea Ager
  • I've been gettin' GYMNASTY for Regionals with these guys. @i99fit (coaching me in the video) and @vanvleetd (who traveled woth Cirque D'Soleil for the last 8 years) Focusing on making my movements more efficient. That's what I love about this sport- when it doesn't "click" right away- there's always simple drills to work on! Tag your friends that LOVE MUSCLE UPS!

    Andrea Ager
    Andrea Ager
  • You all were so amazing and I enjoyed every bit of the class! The mobility was great and easy to incorporate in the gym or at home. I also think all the steps broken down to do a movement is so helpful in learning proper form and technique!!! Amazeballs!!!

    Claire Richardson
  • The coaching by Dave and Duke was next level, many athletes said this was the best money they ever spent for a clinic.

    Greg Walker
  • Awesome program!! I cannot believe how easy it is to transition multiple muscle ups now! I also loved your perspective on training handstand pushups leading into freestanding! Emphasizing gymnastics techniques also helps to work smarter and not harder. Thank you so much for all your help!

    Jill Pickens
  • This Sunday, May 25th is going to be a day NOT to miss. There will be several coaches from i99 in addition to a handful of games/regionals athletes. Last Sunday I was blown away at how much I got out of their workshop. Definitely don't miss!

    Pat Burke
    Pat Burke
  • The course was absolutely worth it! I had high hopes of the course when I signed up and you guys blew those away. Will definitely sign up for the other clinics. Great job guys!

    Tyler Lowery
  • The clinic was awesome! I learned so much about hspu and muscle ups! The ring muscle up technique is very unique, but I feel like once I get it I will become so much more efficient. The coaches were very knowledgeable and had great energy. I am so glad I did this clinic!

    Veronika Wojakowska

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