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Inject your community with gymnastics and elite movement efficiency. Athletes need to be efficient in every movement, especially gymnastics movements! Coaches need a progressive curriculum to safely guide their athletes and your customers through learning very complicated movements performed at high intensity. Our curriculum translates beyond gymnastics into all human movement including Olympic lifting and functional fitness.

Becoming an i99 Fit Gym starts with hosting one to two days of Coach Certifications and Athlete Seminars at your facility. Hosting is easy and we offer formats with absolutely zero cost to you! We provide flyers, online signup, phone-based support for participants before and after the events. All you need to do is hang the flyers in the gym, remind athletes before and after class and spread the word on your social media. The day of the event you can open and close the doors and we will delight your customers and coaches with tons of knowledge and a lot of excitement and laughter.

If you are looking for a different approach to gymnastics that your coaches can actually integrate and your customers will love, then take a few minutes to learn about the services we offer.

Technique - Motivation - Programming - Spotting

I99 Certified Coaches are critical to our mission of sharing our unique approach to gymnastics with as many athletes as possible.  Our Level 1 and Level 2 Certs are each approximately 5 hours in length and cover our complete curriculum of drills and techniques for handstand walking, toes-to-bar, kipping pull-ups, handstand push-ups, butterfly pull-ups, bar muscle-ups and dynamic ring muscle-ups.

L1 Coach Certification – Our instructors will utilize a combination of kinesthetic body shaping, video analysis, and timely verbal cues to assist Coaches in efficiently performing all of these movements. Immediately following the L1 Cert, coaches complete their certification by applying their new knowledge while assisting our instructor during one or more Athlete seminars.

L2 Coach Certification – Our instructors teach hands on spotting, programming strategies, class management, and motivational techniques.  Our primary goal is to certify professionals that put safety first, use positive reinforcement and a combination of verbal, kinesthetic, and visual tools to get their athletes to lean into their instruction!

Mobility - Safety - Confidence - Elite Efficiency

We offer 3 Athlete Seminars for athletes of all fitness levels and athletic experience:

L1 – Foundations Seminar last 2.5 hours and is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for dynamic gymnastics and covers extensive mobility, handstands, the basic kip swings on bars and rings, kipping pull-ups, and Toes-to-Bar.

L2 – Competitor Seminar lasts 3 hours and is ideal for athletes competing in local competitions or the open that need to more efficiently link kipping handstand push-ups, kipping pull-ups, toes-to-bar and perform strict handstand push-ups bar muscle-ups and ring muscle-ups.

L3 – Elite is geared towards athletes competing at the national or international level that need to efficiently walk, turn, climb and run on their hands as well as link multiple complex and physically demanding movements like Bar Muscle-ups, Butterfly Pull-ups and Ring Muscle-ups.

All athletes are provided with 4 weeks of gymnastics programming to reinforce and eventually master our highly efficient techniques.

2 hours - 2 Skillz - 2 to 5 of your friends

Skillz Workshops are highly targeted training sessions for athletes and Coaches who have previously trained with us.  The purpose is to get more repetitions, coaching and assistance by our instructors on 2 skills in 2 hours with 2 to 5 of their friends.  Although Athletes who reserve the workshop can choose the two skills they want covered, our most popular combinations are:

Handstands – Handstand Pushups, walking, turning, climbing, and running on your hands.

Bar Kipping – Toes-to-Bar, Kipping pull-ups and Butterfly pull-ups

Muscle-ups – Performing and linking bar and ring muscle-ups.

When making annual visits to our Premier i99 Fit Gyms we typically schedule several highly targeted workshops for returning athletes and coaches.

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