i99 stands for independence 99%.  From the beginning, our vision has been to help fitness enthusiasts develop the skills to learn efficiently and evolve to a point where they can self-diagnose their issues using our drills and video analysis.  We have and always will provide that last 1% when they are conquering a unique challenge.  We set out to build a community of i99 Athletes, Coaches, and Owners that subscribe to this methodology.

i99 for Life was founded in 2013 by David Bradley as an online gymnastics-centric strength and conditioning program for people of all ages and four different fitness levels. In 2014, i99 Fit was born when we started teaching regular gymnastics for weightlifters classes and traveling for weekend athlete seminars. We experienced tremendous growth when Duke VanVleet, Anthony Fiore, and numerous other instructors came on board to help meet the demand for our unique technique for Ring Muscle-ups.

Since then, we have continued to provide gymnastics and movement efficiency instruction to athletes and coaches of all levels. Our instructors deliver our innovative and accessible curriculum using a highly-effective combination of audio cues, video analysis, and hand-spotting, otherwise known as “movement sculpting.”  We conduct our Athlete Seminars, Coach Certifications, and offer personal training at your gym or online via video conference.  In the last two years, we have gone back to our roots and mastered online programming and live video lessons for competitive athletes who want to make gymnastics their undeniable strength!