Our Athlete Seminars will completely change the way you feel about gymnastics. Whether you are a beginner, competitor, or an elite athlete, our unique and highly progressive techniques and drills will allow you to improve your gymnastics without investing hours every week.

Level 1: Foundations (2.5 hrs) – $40 local / $70 travel

Our instructors provide a strong foundation for dynamic gymnastics found in fitness competitions and will completely change the way you feel about gymnastics. You will learn:

  • General Dynamic Mobility
  • Shoulder-Specific Mobility
  • Headstand from Tripod
  • Safely Rolling
  • Kicking to a Handstand Safely
  • Basic Kip Swings on Bars
  • Kipping Pull-ups
  • Ring Support Stability
  • Ring Swings

Level 2: Competitor (3 hrs) – $70 local / $145 travel

Are you competing in local competitions or the Open? Do you want to be more confident walking on your hands, have no pain during kipping pull-ups, learn how to link more toes-to-bar, or learn a more efficient technique for the dynamic ring muscle-up? This Seminar is designed to help athletes find the rhythm of the movements so they can perform a higher number of reps more efficiently during competition. You will learn:

  • Handstand Walking
  • Kipping Handstand Pushups
  • Shoulder-Safe Kipping Pullups
  • Toes-to-Bars
  • i99 Ring Muscleup Technique

Level 3: Elite (4 hrs) – $85 local / $165 travel

If you are an RX athlete who is serious about unlocking elite gymnastics efficiency, who wants to be more confident handstand walking on or around obstacles, who needs to be highly efficient at butterfly pull-ups, and who wants to be able to link 5+ bar and ring muscle-ups, this Seminar is ideal for you. We recommend that athletes are able to perform 5 strict dips, 5 strict pull-ups and are able to perform at least one bar or ring muscle-up with confidence to attend. If you’re unsure if this Seminar is right for you, ask us!

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