If you ask anyone who has attended an i99 Fit Seminar or Coach Certification, they will tell you that the experience completely changed the way they feel about gymnastics. That said, our well-kept secret has been our online programming and training. Many of our onsite training services are also available to smaller groups of 2 to 5 attendees via video conference. We have pioneered and perfected online gymnastics coaching, utilizing creative equipment configurations and inexpensive technology to deliver our unique and highly progressive techniques and drills to athletes and coaches anywhere in the world. We offer a variety of group and personal training options to suit the needs of beginners, competitors, and elite athletes.

Get started today! Try our 2-week Personal Training Onramp

  • 2-weeks (4-days per week) of assessments & gymnastics programming
  • A deep understanding of your strengths and inefficiencies
  • A 3o-minute live training session
  • Recommendations for your future gymnastics training with or without i99.

Team i99 Gymnastics Programming – $35-$90/wk

If you are serious about unlocking “free energy” and achieving elite efficiency, then you should consider Team i99 Programming as a supplement to your strength and conditioning training. Each week, we deliver 3 to 4 days of 15-20 minute customized workouts composed of mobility, technique drills, and strength workouts that target the specific areas you want to improve. Periodically, you will perform “Technique Under Load” workouts to measure the effectiveness of your technique.

We charge your card on file every 1-2 weeks and the price is affected by the frequency of live lessons, which are helpful for course correction and rapid evolution. On vacation or need a week of rest? No problem–you are only charged for the weeks you utilize the programming!

We recommend that Team i99 Athletes have a smartphone, tablet, or Facebook portal, with a portable tripod mount, and Bluetooth headset so that they can see and hear us while they are performing. This configuration allows for the world’s shortest feedback loop–you can repeat movements over and over with almost zero time in between attempts, receiving audio/visual feedback, and taking the next attempt.


  • Team i99 Gymnastics Programming – $35/wk
  • Programming + Video Analysis Feedback $50/wk
  • Programming + Live Video Lesson $90/wk

Personal Video Analysis – $35/skill

If you’re having trouble with a particular gymnastics skill, you can request a custom video analysis. You’ll send us a video of the skill, and one of our Instructors will provide a detailed analysis and breakdown of that skill, show you how to make it more effective and efficient, and provide drills and programming tailored specifically to you to help you fix it.


When a video analysis isn’t enough, we offer standalone onsite or online private lessons with the objective of providing you with immediate feedback no matter where you are! After each lesson, we prescribe and teach you how to perform specific drills to target your inefficiencies and unlock your maximum gymnastics potential.

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