I’m an Athlete

Athletes need to be efficient when performing seven gymnastics movements to be competitive in the gym or on the competition floor.  We specialize in teaching the following movements:

  • Handstand walking
  • Toes-to-bar
  • Pull-ups
  • Handstand Push-ups
  • Bar Muscle-ups
  • Dynamic Ring Muscle-ups
  • Butterfly Pull-ups

Our curriculum is very practical, scaleable and progressive. 

We have a very unique approach to  teaching the traditional shapes & positions required for training in this sport or any other sport.  We physically shape our Athletes’ bodies in the hollow, arch, body wave and many other positions that create dynamic, efficient movement.

Then, once our Athletes have a strong base of general movement and proper shapes, we utilize drills that reinforce the correct movement patterns advancing to dynamic skills utilizing the new level of tension we have created. Our athletes benefit from tapping into free energy that will produce increased repetitions at lower level of fatigue.

What is the best way to get Gymnasty with i99 Fit?

For Tips & Tricks – drop into one of our Athlete Clinics (L1 or L2). You will receive 3 hours of extensive coaching + 4 weeks of programming to continue to drill those techniques at home. 

For Open Prep – plan to attend both the L1 and L2 Athlete Clinics. This will provide you with a comprehensive plan that will take your skills and movement to the next level. Your plan will be: L1 Athlete Clinic + 4 weeks of L1 programming + L2 Athlete Clinic + 4 weeks of L2 programming. 

For Transformation – get your Coaches & Gym Owner involved. We will certify your Coaches in the i99 Fit methodology and enable them to continue to work with you on these skills year around. Gymnastic technique requires repetition. Your Coaches are with you daily and, if trained properly, can help you advance these skills throughout the year.

Athlete Clinics

Level 1 Athlete Clinic – 3 Hours (min. 8 athletes; 8:1 Instructor to Athlete Ratio)

Prerequisites: None    

Description: We kickoff our Level 1 clinics spending about 45 minutes establishing a strong gymnastics foundation and common language by introducing i99 Fit Core Mobility and Wall Mobility. Next our instructors will help athletes make the vital connection between mobility and handstand balance. Athletes will learn how to roll safely and maintain a hollow body in handstands and tripod positions using the wall for support and confidence. Finally, we will split into groups and apply the newly acquired hollow position to the i99 Fit Level 1 skills and progressions on Rings and Bars including toes2bar, kipping pull-ups, ring support and swing progressions for the i99 Muscle-up technique. 

Level 2 Athlete Clinic – 3 hours (min. 7 athletes; 7:1 Instructor to Athlete Ratio)

Prerequisites: 5 Kipping Pull-ups, 3 Strict Pull-ups, 5 Dips, 3 Kipping Handstand Push-up

Description: i99 Instructors will spend 30 minutes on Mobility and then split up into groups to cover… Handstand Strength: Tripod to headstand, Tripod to push-up, Tripod to handstand, Handstand walking; Bar skills: Piked T2B, Butterfly pull-ups, Bar MU; Ring skills: Hollow/Arch swings to overhead row, Hollow/Arch swings to Body Wave, Ring MU, Strict MU drills.

What’s Next…..

We have designed our Level 1 & Level 2 Athlete Clinics + Programming with the majority of Athletes in mind. We feel that this progression will significantly elevate their movement patterns & efficiency. With that said, there are Athletes that want to take their skills to the next level. For those individuals, we have customized services that combine the following elements to provide the Athlete with the tools needed to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

  • Video Analysis
  • Remote Coaching
  • Custom Programming
  • 1 on 1 Training Sessions