Our Coaching Certifications provide your coaching staff with a progressive curriculum of dynamic mobility, drills, and skills designed for optimal efficiency and immediate implementation.  Coaching Certifications are integrated with Athlete Seminars or Skillz Clinics, ensuring your coaches have several hours of practical application and hands-on spotting of skills and drills while practicing with your athletes under our guidance.  You can get certified by hosting i99 Fit certifications and athlete seminars at your box, or you can get certified remotely via video conference with 1 to 4 other coaches.  Whatever method you choose, we provide an immersive and transformative experience that will change the way your entire community feels about gymnastics.

Level 1 Certification – $280 Onsite / $200 remote

Coaches will learn to perform, instruct, cue, troubleshoot, and prescribe our complete curriculum of mobility, drills, and skills to help their athletes. We focus on teaching coaches to tap into kinesthetic learning through assistive spotting that will increase the speed in which athletes learn handstands, pullups, kipping pullups, and the fundamentals of the dynamic muscleup on rings. After the 5-hour instructional segment, coaches will assist both Foundations and Competitor Seminars to complete their certification.

Level 2 Certification – $280 onsite / $200 remote

Coaches will be learning practical programming and coaching, along with learning to spot freestanding handstand pushups, butterfly pullups, and bar and ring muscleups. After the 5-hour instructional segment, coaches will assist both the Competitor and Elite Seminars to complete their certification.

Level 3 Certification – $100 onsite or remote

Level 3 Certification unlocks the ability to join the Teami99 Instructor team and guide athletes through our extensive library of drills and workouts.  We will also connect you directly with athletes in your physical area to provide private training and hands on spotting.  Upon successful completion of your Level 2 Certification, you begin working towards Level 3 certification.  Any hours assisting during an official i99 Event (remote or onsite) OR during Custom Personal Training delivered by i99 Fit Instructors will contribute to the requirements of Level 3 Certification.

  • Level 2 Certified Coach
  • 50 hours of assistance at i99 Events OR 16 weeks of Custom Programming
  • Remote Level 3 Coach Cert – 2 Hours
  • Remote Instructor Programming Training –  1 Hour

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