I’m a Coach

i99 Fit stands for 99% Independence. Our objective is to provide Coaches across the country with the tools and technique to become 99% independent when coaching gymnastics movements.  We typically schedule our coaches certifications in conjunction with athlete clinics so that coaches can observe and assist their athletes through the i99 Fit progressions.  This allows us to inject our methodology into your entire community providing a foundation of support from athletes, coaches and gym owners.

The i99 Fit Coaches Certification program is the entry point to becoming an i99 Fit Instructor.  To become an instructor and truly master delivering our unique methodology depends on participation in our program as an Athlete and Coach.

Coaching Certification

Level 1 Coaching Certification – 5 Hours + Instructional practice (min. 5 coaches; 5:1 Instructor to Coach Ratio)

Description: This Coaching Certification will teach established coaches how to effectively deliver the i99 Gymnastics for CrossFit curriculum found in the L1 Athlete Clinics. Coaches are expected to attend one L1 Athlete Clinic that weekend to get hands on experience delivering the i99 Curriculum to their athletes. The i99 Instructors will evaluate the Coach on their ability to assess the athlete, deliver the curriculum and provide kinesthetic position shaping (spotting). *Upon completion, the Coach will receive an i99 Fit Coaching Certificate and will be identified in our Coaching Database as a Level 1 Coach, unlocking the potential to assist at official i99 Fit Level 1 Clinics.


Level 2 Coaching Certification – 5 Hours + Instructional practice (min. 5 coaches; 5:1 Instructor to Coach Ratio)

Description: Our Level 2 Certification provides comprehensive instruction of more advanced movements like handstand push-ups, bar muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups, and the dynamic ring muscle-up.  We have found that athletes advance in skill development much faster when coaches use assistive spotting techniques.  The focus of the Level 2 Certification is on spotting and assisting athletes through these movements safely while shaping the ideal movement pattern.  Coaches who complete the Level 2 Certification may apply for the i99 Fit Instructor Program.

 We offer two levels of Athlete clinics conducted at your facility.  Each clinic will start with a warm-up of dynamic mobility movements that provide a common language and foundation for the drills and skills covered throughout the clinic.  Our objective is to provide Level 1 clinics for beginning athletes who need to a firm understanding of basic gymnastics concepts while also offering a more advanced Level 2 clinic for athletes who are interested in improving their overall movement efficiency and shorten their rep cycles.  

***While not mandatory, it is ideal for Athletes to attend the Level 1 Clinic prior to the Level 2 Clinic.  Our focus in the Level 1 Clinic is to create a strong base for development and success in the Level 2 Clinic.


We have designed our Coach Certification program to provide the tools needed for all Coaches, regardless of their background, to effectively and safely train their athletes in gymnastic movement. We feel that this program will provide a strong base of knowledge and confidence in this ever evolving modality. With that said, there are Coaches that desire to continue their journey towards knowledge and mastery. We are here to support desire that with customized services. That support is available in the form of:

  • Video Analysis
  • Remote Coaching
  • Custom Programming
  • 1 on 1 Training Sessions