Whether you are an Athlete, Coach, or Gym Owner, we have a variety of services, both in-person and remote, that will allow you to find the path that is right for you and your gym community.


Along with all personal training services, we offer Coach Certifications and Skillz Clinics remotely for smaller groups using video conferencing software.  We have mastered remote programming and small group training using a variety of readily available and free conferencing software. It’s recommended that one member of the group have a tablet mounted on a rolling tripod to move around a somewhat quiet gym.

Whether you are stuck on a particular gymnastics skill, need to increase your overall potential, or want to become a bodyweight ninja, we have personal training services that will fit into your financial and time budget.  We offer individual Skill Video Analysis, Custom Gymnastics Workout Programming, and Live in-person or remote video lessons.

We will work with you and 2 to 5 of your friends for 2 hours at your gym.  We offer three standard formats focused on each of the three primary domains of gymnastics for fitness competitors.

Skillz Clinics
2 to 5 participants, $50/participant.

  • Handstands including walking and HSPU
  • Bar Kipping which includes kipping pull-ups and T2B
  • Muscle-ups on Bars and Rings

If you want a regular dose of precision training, then grab a couple of friends and book a Skillz clinic today!

We offer progressive Seminars that scale in duration, max attendees, and skill difficulty, catering to Beginners, Competitors, and Elite athletes.  Athlete Seminars are comprehensive and cover skill-appropriate mobility, handstands, bar kipping, and ring muscle-ups.   We also offer onsite and remote Skillz Clinics where you and 2 to 5 of your friends get focused on two skills for 2 hours.

We offer three progressive Coach Certifications either onsite or remote via video conference.  Level 1 and 2 are commonly held on the same weekend for an onsite event, where all three levels are delivered throughout approximately nine 2-hour sessions.  Typically, our Certifications are held in conjunction with Athlete seminars and Skillz Clinics so that i99 Certified Coaches have real-time practice under the guidance of our instructors.