• Handstand walking cues that have really helped me: 1. tuck your chin, and look at the floor with the top of your eyes 2. Pretend there are tooth picks taped to the back of the legs so that they straighten. 3. Heels together, it helps tighten the posterior chain. Thank you @i99fit & @vanvleetd for all your time coaching us @prburke! TAG your friends that need some TIPS for walking on their hands!

    Andrea Ager
    Andrea Ager
  • The course was absolutely worth it! I had high hopes of the course when I signed up and you guys blew those away. Will definitely sign up for the other clinics. Great job guys!

    Tyler Lowery
  • You all were so amazing and I enjoyed every bit of the class! The mobility was great and easy to incorporate in the gym or at home. I also think all the steps broken down to do a movement is so helpful in learning proper form and technique!!! Amazeballs!!!

    Claire Richardson
  • Awesome program!! I cannot believe how easy it is to transition multiple muscle ups now! I also loved your perspective on training handstand pushups leading into freestanding! Emphasizing gymnastics techniques also helps to work smarter and not harder. Thank you so much for all your help!

    Jill Pickens
  • This Sunday, May 25th is going to be a day NOT to miss. There will be several coaches from i99 in addition to a handful of games/regionals athletes. Last Sunday I was blown away at how much I got out of their workshop. Definitely don't miss!

    Pat Burke
    Pat Burke
  • The clinic was awesome! I learned so much about hspu and muscle ups! The ring muscle up technique is very unique, but I feel like once I get it I will become so much more efficient. The coaches were very knowledgeable and had great energy. I am so glad I did this clinic!

    Veronika Wojakowska
  • I've been gettin' GYMNASTY for Regionals with these guys. @i99fit (coaching me in the video) and @vanvleetd (who traveled woth Cirque D'Soleil for the last 8 years) Focusing on making my movements more efficient. That's what I love about this sport- when it doesn't "click" right away- there's always simple drills to work on! Tag your friends that LOVE MUSCLE UPS!

    Andrea Ager
    Andrea Ager
  • The coaching by Dave and Duke was next level, many athletes said this was the best money they ever spent for a clinic.

    Greg Walker
  • Going into it, I did not know what to expect besides what some other athletes told me; which was it was a muscle up clinic. I was aware that there was a different way to move on the rings and was intrigued by the concept. Being a coach, I value all the different 'tools' i can give my clients. Throughout the clinic, I couldn't fathom how I was going to do it. The instruction from all the staff was very informative and encouraging. The sequence of movements correlated directly with the end product and really helped me complete the move without thinking too much about it. The staff was also respective of all different abilities. I would be thrilled to learn more about gymnastics movements, especially from this company.

    Ricardo Vazquez
    Ricardo Vazquez
  • I absolutely love the class. Dave's enthusiasm is contagious and makes even the slightest improvement in form feel like a huge accomplishment. I have pushed myself farther then i ever thought i was capable of because of the staff. Each instructor has been amazing, their insight and love for what they do shows and makes for a wonderful environment. I also find the people attending the class helps the experience. Watching someone get their first muscle up or getting encouragement from someone who already has it, is motivating and something i like being involved in. We are all there to have fun and have common goals of improving our gymnastic skills. It so great to meet people for other boxes and to learn from them, i even met people from my own box that i didn't know because they worked out at different times. Keep up the good work!!!

    Ashley Salas
  • I enjoyed this clinic much more than I expected. Duke VanVleet was our instructor. He ran the clinic at a very nice pace, making sure each athlete received his attention on each move, but not making the group wait around as he did this. Rather, he kept the entire group engaged while helping each individual athlete. In our group, there was a wide variety of abilities among the 8 participants, yet Duke was able to challenge each to his/her capacity. Further, he made every move relevant to our sport explaining where and why the move would enhance our outcomes. Duke is not only a professional athlete, but a professional instructor as well. I would recommend i99 to anyone and I look forward to their return to Florida. Thanks, Duke!

    Janice Piro
  • I like the techniques they used to train. The warmup was one of the best warmups ever - I was so stretched out and ready to go. The instructors were great too - they were all so positive and made me feel like I was doing a good job.

    Valerie Limbert
  • What a great experience! I was worried because I train around a recurring shoulder injury, but the i99 mobility warm-up helped me feel better starting the clinic than I have in weeks! Really enjoyed the method and the results were amazing! Dave and Duke - thank you so much...would definitely train more with i99!

    Heather Engel
  • Excellent coaches! I was extremely nervous to do this and felt like it was way above my skill level before attending, but the coaches placed me at ease! Thank you for your assistance, skills, and motivation!

    Paula McPeak

  • I think that this clinic was fantastic! I had so much fun and learned a lot about body awareness. I think that a lot of what you teach is overlooked in Crossfit but it is so important. The emphasis is always on lifting and lifting techniques and we leave out proper kipping, handstands, and developing strength and movement for muscle ups. It takes time but it is so much more efficient when done the right way!

    Sheridan Larsen
  • I was so impressed with i99, Dave and Duke. We all had a great time, but I really loved the time we spent mobilizing (so important!) and learning how to move efficiently. My kipping pull ups and T2B's were so-so, I could only do a couple in a row. After learning the technique we could immediately see the results at the lesson. I was able to do at least five kipping PUs and I look forward to implementing their method of T2B in future workouts.

    Holly Cummings
  • I think it could def be longer. Loved the mobility. Would love to do a longer clinic with more time on each area and handstands. Overall awesome seminar!!! I want to host it monthly, is that an option? Instructors were amazing. Loved learning as an athlete and also as a coach with the mobility, spotting techniques, and drill work.

    Lindsey Marcelli
  • I had a hell of a time registering for the classes. Mobile device registration impossible. Even my new laptop couldn't get access. So there's that. But hey, not complaining. Coaches were great. Duke is a (Big Ten) badass. I was glad nobody was focused on the time because both classes went long, which was great. I'm crushing bar muscle ups now. Thanks Duke. Would be interested possibly in some more classes/lessons in the future for sure after I've had some time to practice the techniques I learned Sunday. Overall wonderful experience that I've been telling everyone to try.

    Jackson Pixley
  • Duke has such an entertaining personality! Not only did I learn a TON to improve my own technique, I was motivated by his energy, expertise and humor throughout the clinic. It went an hour longer than advertised, which was great from a content and practice perspective, but it would've been helpful to know it was a 3 hr program, not 2. All 3 coaches were great with individual critiques and hands-on spotting/assisting. Loved it... So glad I came.

    Tamra Carter
  • Awesome clinic! I had a blast and learned a ton. The instructors were a class act and very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely try to attend another clinic to continue learning. I wish it was longer! Haha thanks guys!

    Mason McCleerey
  • Before the i99 class I never thought doing a muscle up would ever be a reality. Dave and Duke changed my thinking, and now I believe in more of my potential than I imagined before.

    Doug Smooke
  • On Saturday I attended the i99fit Level 2 group seminar at Rebels here in Clearwater. I really need to work on my gymnastic movements so I was excited when I found out there was another seminar here. We worked on many basics and one of the main things I learned is that I never relax on the bar. I’m always tense and this does not help me to be a better athlete. We worked on butterfly pull-ups (which I’m pretty much obsessed with becoming proficient at), handstand pushups, bar muscle-ups and ring muscle-ups. Duke spent a lot of time going through the progressions into learning each skill and it was great for me to be able to see how each move should look. He is a great coach and really spent as much time as he could with each person within the group to try to get us all to feel the skill. I had a really hard time feeling and seeing what I needed to do with ring muscle-ups. It was pretty frustrating and Duke saw this on my face and offered to work with me one on one the next day. I was excited to be able to do this as I felt very far from not only feeling what I needed to do but also just understanding. Within the first 10 mins, we did some drills and I GOT IT! I understood what I wasn’t doing before, what I needed to do and was able to apply this on the rings. By the end of the one on one, I was able to do assisted muscle-ups with Duke spotting me so I could feel each step. Duke was very patient with me and I am impressed that he figured out where I was confused and found a drill that would click for me. I really appreciated that he made it his mission to help me with my muscle-ups and can’t wait for him to come back. I would recommend this seminar to anyone needing to work on these skills.

    Melissa Bradshaw