Remember this!

This video was taken almost 4 years go.  If you remember it you also remember how much fun the clinics were at Rebels.  David Bradley, Founder of i99 Fit, will be coming home to Florida the weekend of August 25h for some gymnastics clinics!

On Saturday, we will host a Level 1 and a Level 2 clinic.  On Sunday morning,  we will have a second Level 2 Clinic.   If you are serious about your gymnastics sign up for both levels.  There will be some overlap in the mobility portions, but who doesn’t need more mobility?  The repetition will ensure that you retain the most important drills and skills.   If you can only attend one clinic then we suggest you use the following criteria for making your selection:

Can you do 5 strict pull-ups, 5 strict dips, and have been attempting ring muscle-ups in the open?  If so you are ready for Level 2!

All clinics start with critical mobility exercises that will increase your range of motion and balance your body.  Then we move to Handstands, Bar Skills, and then we finish on rings.  The skills we cover in each clinic are as follows:



  • L1 – Rolling safely, Balancing in a handstand and a tripod position, walking away from the wall and back.
  • L2 – Review L1 and move quickly to our unique style of Handstand push-up.


  • L1 – Kipping Pull-ups, Toes-to-Bar, and Baby butterfly kipping (no pull.. just understand the rhythm and learn to be safe practicing)
  • L2 – Bar Muscle-ups and Butterfly Pull-ups


  • L1 – Support stability, Basic swings, Overhead Row Drills.  (Athletes ready to attempt will be spotted to feel the ideal position for the i99 style dynamic Muscle-up)
  • L2 – Dynamic Muscle-ups with varying degrees of spotting and shaping and bailing drills to make the second easier than the first.

Choose one or two of the clinics below to register.  We recommend registering now! Space is limited as we have very low ratios to ensure every athlete gets a lot of attention.  Given our history at Rebels, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Bring your camera or phone to capture the moment and share it with your friends. You will be blown away all over again!

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