Gymnastics is arguably the foundation of fitness and the ideal medium to teach people to learn efficiently. We created i99 Fit with a beyond gymnastics vision to build a unique community of fitness enthusiasts, competitors, coaches, and gym owners.  Our mission is to eliminate the barrier of distance using technology to connect our guests, athletes, and i99 Certified Professionals to unique resources that will fundamentally level up learning efficiency across multiple domains of fitness.

We have traditionally provided these resources offline.  Now, we are rapidly centralizing everything to your “My Resources” menu.  Whether you are just visiting or already an i99 Pro, there is something for everyone @i99fit!  Check out what’s available and coming soon below:

Please be our guest, browse our currently available free resources, and check out what’s coming soon:

  • Instagram/Facebook – Follow us everywhere @i99fit on social networks for quick tips and ideal examples of i99 our unique techniques.
  • YouTube We have an extensive library of videos with the instruction right on our Youtube channel.  You can also see our athletes in action getting their first muscle-up or backflip.
  • Blog – Admittedly, we have neglected our blog for a while and focused on social media but, our future plans are to migrate our blog to a vlog and provide more fresh content than ever.  Never the less there are some great historical articles and video analysis posts to learn from.
  • [email protected] Workouts – Guests who register for a free membership on our website gain access to our @home workout programming.
    Don’t worry we won’t be spamming you or sharing your data, but we do need you to agree to our Privacy Policy, Waiver, Terms, and Conditions before participating in free @home workout programming. 

Coming Soon!

Live Streaming Events – Soon will be producing Live technique Q&A events on Facebook Live.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Register for a Free Membership to our site to be invited.

Athletes who attend online or onsite events receive a special invitation to register for Athlete Membership and gain access to 4-weeks of gymnastics programming to reinforce or refresh what you’ve learned.  If you can’t remember your invitation code click here to request a new one.  And check out what’s next for Athlete members:

Coming Soon!

  • Exclusive Articles – These technical Vlog posts are coming hot off the presses from our Teami99 personal training athletes.
  • Live Q&A – Athlete members will be invited to participate in exclusive live Q&A sessions via Facebook’s new rooms feature.
  • Training Library – In addition to our secret sauce, we’ve integrated and modified drills and mobility exercises from a variety of pioneers in the study and coaching of human movement.   Our library of training resources includes what we believe are the very best books, videos, and online resources available to master the art of performing and coaching functional movement.

i99 Certified Coaches are the heartbeat of our i99 Fit Professional Community.  Coaches currently have access to the following resources with a lot more coming soon:

  • i99 PROs Group Certified Coaches are actively being invited to our brand new i99 PROs Facebook group to share coaching strategies and see the latest discoveries coming out of Teami99.  We encourage positive sharing and open idea exchange in this group and will be providing indefinite support and guidance through this channel.
  • Directory Listing We want athletes around the world to find our Certified Coaches!  Our community directory is designed to connect you to athletes in your area that need some expert hands-on coaching.
Are you a Certified Coach but, can’t seem to access Coach resources?  Is your listing in our directory outdated or inaccurate?  Shoot us an email with details to [email protected] and we will get everything sorted promptly. 

Coming Soon!

  • Curriculum Updates – Instant access and realtime updates to the i99 Playbook and Post-event workout programming cards for download.
  • Exclusive Articles – These advanced technical Vlog posts are geared for coaches directly from our Teami99 personal training discoveries.

Gym owners who have invited us into their communities and hosted onsite or online events have access to the following additional resources:

  • Dedicated Gym Page – Check out https://i99fit.wpengine.com/hui for an example.  Your dedicated page is where visitors can learn about your gym, connect with you directly, and sign up for online or onsite i99 events hosted by your gym.
  • Directory Listing Safety comes first, and the techniques and drills we teach were designed to keep your customers safe and in your gym.  When people in your area find us, we will direct them to you!
  • i99 PROs Group Gym owners who invest in i99 share a common beyond a brand name.  They are humble, share ideas openly, and believe in connecting their athletes and coaches to resources beyond the norm.  The i99 PROs group is our way of facilitating this type of collaboration and collective evolution.

Coming Soon!

  • Branded Materials – Are you proud to be affiliated with i99 Fit? We are delighted to be affiliated with your brand, and that’s why we built our directory. Soon you will be able to order our branded materials directly from our site. Or, free of charge, you can download print-ready documents to do it yourself.
  • Workout Programming – For a reasonable monthly fee that decreases as your Gym levels up, we will soon provide Gymnastics, Oly Lifting, Strength & Conditioning workout programming as individual components, or a completely integrated solution.
If you have read the Talent Code, you will recognize that we are building a global and virtual talent bed.  Teami99 members benefit from our collective discoveries!  By leveraging readily available technology and online tools, we train together, compete against one another frequently, and define a new elite efficiency standard every day!

Once you make the commitment to yourself and include us in your journey, we want to ensure you have every resource you need to succeed.  Even though Teami99 athletes train in different boxes all over the world, we are in fact a Team! Teami99 Athletes have access to the following additional resources:

  • Teami99 Group This dedicated group is for past and current Teami99 Athletes.   In this group, we share the latest best version of any technique, awesome new drills that “clicked” for someone, gather feedback to provide the best remote personal training experience on the planet.
  • Discounts – Teami99 athletes get significant discounts off online or onsite Seminars, Coach Certifications, and merchandise.

Coming Back Soon!

Training Camps – We hosted our first training camp before the 2018 Masters Qualifier at Drachen Crossfit in Virginia.  We plan to bring this back and make it more consistent in the form of online and onsite regional camps to inspire the spirit of friendly competition.