In our effort to remain connected to our athletes, coaches and gyms indefinitely, we provide a variety of resources that will help you constantly evolve towards 99% independence.


It’s been a while since we have posted to our blog, but there are some great posts there for you to browse. We intend to post more frequently moving forward with much more technical articles regarding our training tools and methods.


If you are looking for a technical break down and comparison of some really incredible competitors and the ideal version of a skill, check out our skill analysis resource.   It will give you an excellent understanding of our methodology with a step by step breakdown and several drills to repeat that will help you refine your technique


We love sharing our athlete’s accomplishments with the world.  Check out some ring muscle-ups, backflips, and bar skills.  More to come but this resource will show you just how real it is training with us.


It is coming soon!  Live streaming events where we will cover one technique skill or drill and then field questions from attendees.  It’s been a dream for many years to go live and give you the raw and real strategies that will rapidly improve your efficiency.  With our launch of fully remote services we intend to also offer regular workouts and technique sessions online for anyone who wants to participate and learn.

Our grips are a hybrid between a gymnastics grip and a palm guard.  We designed them specifically for athletes who depend on tape on a regular basis.  They break-in fast and last for months.  We have a variety of training gear that will help you remember our techniques and increase your volume.