Getting Started with i99 Fit

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Improving your gymnastics can feel like an overwhelming task. There’s so much to learn, and so much differing information available that even taking the first step can seem daunting.

We’ve got you covered, though! i99 Fit has several available options, so you can pick the one that’s perfect for you. Here are several ways you can start to take your gymnastics movements to the next level:


Our programming athletes, known as Team i99, get gymnastics drills, skills, and workouts custom-tailored to their needs and training schedules. Our groundbreaking programming plans include detailed video analysis with feedback, the option for live in-person or video lessons, and more! Our athletes stay in constant communication with their i99 Coach or Instructor, which allows them to make incredible progress on their gymnastics, no matter where on the globe they are located.

Most programming athletes start with the 2-Week Onramp, which allows them to get a feel for how the programming system works, as well as gives their coach a chance to evaluate their movement patterns and determine how to best optimize their training plan. At the conclusion of the Onramp, it’s off to the races, with custom weekly programming and feedback specially created for the athlete. Team i99 athletes make amazing strides in their gymnastics skills!


Sort of “Programming Lite,” the Skill Tuneup lets an athlete choose one gymnastics skill they want to improve–anything from handstand walking to ring muscleups–and then take a 3-week deep dive on that skill. The Tuneup functions just like our customized programming, just on one skill for three weeks, for a flat fee. This is a great option for athletes preparing for the Open or an upcoming competition, or for athletes who just have that one lagging skill that they want to conquer.

Take your fitness to the next level!


Athlete Seminars are how most people are first introduced to i99 Fit. Our seminars are informative, FUN, and will get you to change the way you feel about gymnastics! We’ve been pioneering gymnastics efficiency for years, and an i99 Seminar is the perfect place to see it in action. We build great relationships with gyms, owners, athletes, and coaches all over the world, and many gyms make our Seminar weekends a regular part of their training year. The amount of gymnastics knowledge and fun you’ll get from a Seminar is unparalleled. Check our Events Calendar and social media regularly to see when we’ll be near you!


Our Skillz Clinics are a popular option for small groups (3-6) of people who want to work on improving the same skills together. We come to your facility and spend 2 hours focusing on a limited number of skills, giving you insight, drills, spotting, and practical “homework” about how to continue improving. Our Skillz Clinics typically focus on one of the following: Handstands (walking and handstand pushups), Bar Kipping (including pullups and toes-to-bar), or Muscleups (bar and rings). We can also customize the Clinic to fit the needs of the group. Get some friends together and tackle this one!


For people living in or visiting Colorado, our Sunday evening Adult Gymnastics Class is an incredible value, and one of the most fun things we do. Hosted at Active Athletics, a fully-equipped gymnastics facility located in Littleton, Colorado, this class allows us to open up the curriculum more than we typically can at a regular gym. In addition to all of the skills we typically train, we can also teach people trampoline skills, backflips, and more. This class is totally unique–there are no adult gymnastics classes out there that combine proven curriculum with world-class coaching the way we do. Adult Gymnastics is the perfect way to get introduced to i99 methodologies in a relaxed environment, or for i99 veterans to continue growing their skills. This is a great place to bring a group of friends!


i99 Fit offers a host of other opportunities, and the list of options is always growing. Private or semi-private lessons, small group lessons, regular classes at select gyms, one-off video skill analysis, Coaching Certifications, and more are available. Many options can also be done remotely, anywhere in the world!