Training Elite Athletes for The Regionals

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Second elite athlete training camp in Iceland

Now that The Open is over, Duke headed back to Iceland to join John Singleton and Weightlifting 101 at the second elite athlete camp. We were joined once again by a few returning athletes like Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson and Sara Sigmundsdóttir, as well as new athletes all hoping to improve their performance by implementing gymnastics into their workouts. All made it through The Open and have qualified for The Regionals.

Gymnastics training for the CrossFit Regionals

Björgvin Guðmundsson on the right and Sara Sigmundsdóttir in the back both qualified for The Regionals

First of all, congratulations to the athletes who qualified for The Regionals. Now, let’s get to work!

Preparing for the Regionals

Our focus differed slightly from the previous training camp. This time, we aimed to increase the technical efficiency in regards to barbell movement and gymnastics in preparation to compete in the Regionals.

The first thing we worked on was an increase in capacity to improve scores in two ways.

  • Improve number of reps in workouts with a time restraint
  • Improve time in workouts without time restraints

We worked on movements and skills that we typically see in competitions. We worked on improving technique, but we also spent time on a technical strategy to deal with fatigue.

Testing new technique

The final day we designed three different metcons for our athletes. These metcons were specifically designed to test their grasp of new technique, as well as their ability to implement everything they learned to the workouts, as well as seeing how they handled stress, fatigue, and pressure.

Training for the CrossFit Regionals with i99Fit and Weightlifting 101

Part of our training deals with implementing a technical strategy for performing under the restraints of fatigue and stress.

Our returning athletes showed the greatest improvement, both in movements and their ability to adapt to and implement the new technique. For the new athletes, this camp was about opening their minds to new techniques, which they all embraced wholeheartedly.

Practice makes perfect

Overall, gymnastics is just like any other technique; the more you do it, the better you’ll become and the more easily you will be able to adapt new movements as you improve. It’s all about repetition, repetition, and repetition, all while paying close attention to form to avoid injury, preserve energy, and improve performance.

There is no limitation to where gymnastics can go within functional fitness at this point… We have to continue to look forward and discover new techniques and new methods and how to implement that within our sport. – Duke Van Vleet

The future of gymnastics

The future of CrossFit and gymnastics

We’re always looking 5 years ahead to prepare our athletes for the future of CrossFit and gymnastics.

Part of training elite athletes is about looking to the future. Using our crystal ball, we introduced our athletes to elements that we at i99 Fit believe we will see in future competition.

  • Ring handstand pushup
  • Backward rolls
  • Press handstand

Gymnastics training in Colorado

We may not see them this year, or next, but we need to start practicing now for what is going to happen in 5 years. We hope to always be ahead of the game and help our athletes improve their performance at each competition.

Get i99Fit and ready for The Regionals!

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