Why Add Gymnastics to Your Weightlifting Training

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Build Muscle and Gain Strength with Gymnastics

There are more ways that you can gain strength and build muscle than lifting weights. One of those ways is body weight movements, a.k.a. calisthenics, a.k.a. gymnastics training. We’re not saying one is better than the other, but by incorporating different techniques you are giving your body every tool you can to help reach new goals in your athletic field.

Gymnastics training classes and events for weighlifters in Colorado

i99Fit instructors teach gymnastics for weightlifters all over the United States, including Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Maryland, and Canada.

Gymnasts are fierce, flexible, and phenomenally strong athletes. Lifting up your own body is hard. How many pullups can you do? Then there’s the muscleup, which is even harder than the pullup! A gymnast needs to be able to perform these movements to gain the strength, flexibility, and mobility to perform well at competitions.

Basic gymnastics training can help any athlete reach new goals

A gymnast needs to be able to lift their body as comfortably as possible, using minimal energy, and basic gymnastics training can help any athlete reach new goals. The goal of a gymnast is to be strong, not muscular. But muscles are necessary to be able to perform well. Gaining muscle is simply a result of learning the right technique to be able to manipulate the body to perform various movements using little to no equipment.

If you are one of those people who think that you have to choose between weight training or body weight training you are missing out. Adding gymnastics to any other training regiment can have tremendous benefits, whether you are training to climb a fourteener, or entering the 2016 Games.

Gymnastics for weighlifters in Colorado

Gymnastics training is the perfect supplement to weightlifting.

Private gymnastics training in Denver

If all you’ve been doing to gain muscle is piling on more and more weights at the gym, find your local i99Fit gym or schedule a private lesson with professional gymnasts and athletes.

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