Give Your Gym the Gift of Gymnastics

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Why let your gym members go somewhere else for their gymnastics training when you can bring gymnastics training to them?

professional gymnastics training and coaching and certification programs in Colorado

Help us help you teach gymnastics to your athletes and gym members.

It’s been proven over and over that any athlete will benefit greatly from gymnastics training. Unfortunately, many gyms around the country are still touting the same trendy classes. We’re not trying to take anything away from aerial yoga, or Pure Barre, we just want to impart the benefits of implementing a gymnastics program for your athletes and members.

Gymnastics coach certification program in Colorado

Everyone has a different reason for going to the gym. Whether it’s to lose weight, stay fit, or improve their athletic performance, gymnastics training is the perfect addition, and will benefit everyone. For the people who just wants to stay healthy, but aren’t competitive, gymnastics can provide a full body workout, all while teaching basic gymnastics movements that improve flexibility, mobility, and strength.

For the elite athlete, mastering basic gymnastic movements and technique may be the difference between silver and gold.

Duke Van Vleet i99 Fit coach

Duke Van Vleet, i99 Master Instructor

In order to get the most of the i99Fit gymnastics certification program, we will come to your gym, arm your coaches with knowledge, and motivate your athletes. We’ll teach your coaches mobility movements, handstand balancing, and basic kipping. Once they understand our unique techniques and the proper way to perform the movements, we’ll teach coaches how to cue properly and spot the athletes.

Professional gymnastics programs for gym owners, coaches, and athletes in Colorado

Once the program is over, your coaches have the skills and the technique to teach your athletes and other members how to improve their fitness and their performance with gymnastics training.


Host the i99Fit coaches at your Colorado gym.

Host the i99Fit coaches at your Colorado gym

We come, we teach, then we leave again. Our goal is to impart our knowledge of gymnastics and proper technique on every gym owner, coach, and athlete in Colorado, in hopes that they will pay that knowledge forward to future coaches and athletes.

Give your gym the gift of gymnastics!


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