European Elite Athletes Gymnastics Coaching: Road to the 2016 Games

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Gymnastics Coach Duke Van Vleet: Part 2 of the Elite European Training Camp

Duke’s second week in Iceland went off without a hitch, and hopes are high with European athletes and trainers for the 2016 Games.

After a few days of rest, it was time to get back to training. The second week of the elite athletes gymnastics coaching was going over the techniques learned the first week and tested through the customize WODs. A few new skills were added like rope climbs and handstand walks.


Björgvin Guðmundsson athlete

Björgvin Guðmundsson on the right and Sara Sigmundsdóttir in the back.

We (Duke from i99Fit, Erik Lau Kelner from Weightlifting 101, and John Singleton) were all happy to see that the efforts had paid off and that the athletes were able to implement the new techniques while under stress and time constraints – for the most part. This is an important aspect of measuring the athletes comprehension, and mastering of new skills. It’s not just about being able to do a skill with technical perfection; you also need to be able to perfect each technique while under stress and time.

Attention to technique and detail will help athletic performance

Everything we do is to improve technique in training or competitive setting. We are always looking to improve each athlete’s performance. We’re not just training technique for technique’s sake.

“If they continue to perform and train this way, then for sure the European athletes will definitely be much more visible and prominent, and will set a new standard for mental toughness and performance.” – Duke Van Vleet, i99Fit gymnastics instructor, and professional athlete

Once again, week two proved that the European athletes continued their strong work ethics and strong willingness to learn. Displaying their desire to be better, to be more competitive, and to dominate the world stage in the next Games.

Training for the 2016 Games with gymnastics coach Duke Van Vleet from Colorado

The European athletes are tough, dedicated, and hungry for victory at the 2016 Games

Scandinavia, especially Iceland is a tough environment for anyone. It’s tough to live in, and it’s tough to train in, so it was not surprising that the athletes we had the pleasure of meeting were extremely tough mentally, physically, and emotionally.

“What it boils down to is that you can have all the great equipment in the world, and great coaching, but if you don’t have the willingness and the desire to be better than what you are when you walk into the gym, then none of that matters.” Duke Van Vleet, i99Fit gymnastics instructor, and professional athlete

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The Europeans exhibit this desire to be better no matter what the conditions and what obstacles may get in their way.

It was an amazing end to an unforgettable two weeks with inspiring athletes and coaches. We look forward to seeing what Europe brings, especially Sara Sigmundsdóttir, and BK Guðmundsson!

See you at the 2016 Games!

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