The Many Benefits of Gymnastics Training for Kids

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When you come home from i99 Fit and tell your kids what you’ve been doing, do their eyes light up? Instead of just telling them about your gymnastics training, why not show them what you are doing, and maybe even encourage them to participate in one of our kids gymnastics clinics? It’s an excellent way to give your kids the necessary tools to succeed in life.

i99Fit's master gymnastics instructors.

‘I’ve chosen to work with young athletes to help be their guide through the trials and tribulations of two beautiful games; sport and life.” Courtney Grant, i99Fit Master Gymnastics Instructor.

Gymnastics training will help kids be well-rounded and successful individuals

Standing on your hands, walking on your hands, and swinging from various apparatus! That is going to sound fun for any kid. Besides getting to know their growing bodies better, and starting them on a natural path to fitness and health, gymnastics will give them lifelong tools that expand way beyond the gym. It’s not just about developing physically; it’s about their mental development as well.

We all go through that awkward phase where we just don’t feel like we have much control over our bodies. Gymnastics will help every child take control of this phase, by gaining flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination.

Gymnastics coaching for kids in Colorado

Mental, physical, and emotional benefits aside, gymnastics is just straight up fun!! Bring your kids with you next time and see if they’d like to enroll in our clinics!

There are also the natural social aspects that go along with a group gymnastics class. As you child is getting to know their body, they also learn to communicate and work well with others, improving their social game.  Following direction, how to be disciplined, stay focused, give space so others can learn, and how to help and encourage teammates are just some of the added skills that will enrich their lives from a very young age. Plus, it’s fun and they’ll develop lifelong friendships.

Kids Gymnastic Training Clinics in Colorado

Yes, they can! i99 Fit is ready to launch gymnastics clinics for kids starting March 2016.

Help your child build a solid foundation that will help them in all other aspects of life. Plus, a good, hard, fun gymnastics class will give your child a full body workout so that they get to let off some of that steam they’ve been building up sitting quietly in a classroom. And when it’s time for bed, your child will get a great night’s sleep, allowing their mind and their body to rest up for another day of gymnastics training with professional coaches.

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